What do you mean by registration cancellation?

When a person's GST registration is cancelled, they no longer need it due to the closure of a business. Other factors could be at effect, such as failing to follow laws & rules. This is accomplished by filling out a GST cancellation form. The following are some examples of situations where GST cancellation is required:

In the following cases that the business stopped
  • Business Completely transferred for any reason, such as the proprietor's death
  • Merger with a different legal entity
  • Disposed off or demerger of business
  • Changes in business structure of business
In the case that the officer cancels registration on his own
  • When a person's workplace mentioned at GST portal is not his workplace.
  • Issues invoices even though no goods or services have been provided.
  • It violates anti-profiteering laws
  • Has not filed GST return in the last six months.
  • No business is started within six months following registration.
  • Registration was obtained by deception or in violation of the law.

Consequences of Cancelling Your GST Registration

The taxpayer will never be obligated to pay GST if the GST number is cancelled, and you will be unable to claim GST credit.

GST registration is required for certain types of businesses. They will be punished with an offense and penalties if they cancel their GST registration and continue to operate their business.

Who has the authority to cancel a GST registration?

The taxpayer can cancel his GST registration independently by completing the GST cancellation method. Suo moto cancellation is the term for this.The responsible officer can terminate the GST registration if any flaws are discovered.

A person's legal heir can also cancel this in the case of death.

Final Return

Everyone is expected to file a final return in Form GSTR-10 after their GST registration is cancelled. This should be filed within three months of the order of cancellation cancelled by the Proper Officer, whichever occurs first.

If a person fails to file Form GSTR-10, a notice in Form GSTR-3A is sent to him, requesting that he file it within 15 days. If it is not filed within 15 days, the GST officer will take appropriate action.

GST Officer Cancellation in Form GST REG 17

  • We've seen how a taxpayer can terminate their GST registration. Let's take a peek at an officer's cancellation.
  • If the GST officer has reason to cancel the registration, they will issue a show-cause notice in GST REG 17.
  • The person must respond in Form GST REG 18 explaining why his registration should not be terminated in the next seven days.
  • If the officer is pleased with his response, he will issue an order in GST REG 20, and the action will be halted.
  • If the officer believes the GST registration should be cancelled, a GST REG 19 will be issued for 30 days.


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  • Cancellation of GST
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  • Cancellation of GST
  • Final Return Filling
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  • Cancellation of GST
  • Final Return Filling
  • Other Closure Activities Like- Notice Reply Etc.
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All GST submissions must be made through the GST Portal. It must be submitted in either DSC or EVC format.

You can file an appeal by including the annexure with additional papers in GST APL-01.

you can reactivate your GST registration by filing a revocation request at GST portal.