What is Form 16

Form 16 is a document that includes all of the information you'll need to finish and file your tax return. It displays the salary income breakdown as well as the number of TDS deducted by the employer. There are two parts to it: Part A and Part B. (discussed in detail below).

Employers must issue it on or before June 15th of the following year, immediately following the financial year in which the tax is deducted. If you misplace your Form 16, you can ask your employer for a duplicate.

What are the advantages of completing Form 16?

The following are some of Form 16's advantages:

  • It serves as the individual's "income from salary" declaration.
  • It aids in the preparation of income tax returns.
  • It is a document that is used to support the issuance of a visa.
  • It serves as proof of earnings.
  • It benefits you in keeping track of all of your tax-saving investments.
  • It gives you a clear view of how your taxes were calculated, paid, and refunded.

Form 16 Part A

Part A of Form 16 contains information about the TDS deducted and deposited quarterly, as well as the employer's PAN and TAN.

This section of Form 16 can be generated and downloaded by an employer using the TRACES system.

It is important to keep in mind that if you change jobs within a fiscal year, each employer will send you a separate Part A of Form 16 for the time you were employed. Part A includes the following elements:

  • Employer's name
  • Address
  • TAN and PAN of the employer Employee's PAN
  • The employer certifies a summary of tax deducted and deposited quarterly.

Form 16 Part B

The Annexure to Part A of Form 16 is Part B. Part B is for the employer to prepare for its employees and contains information of the salary breakdown and deductions permitted under Chapter VI-A.

If you change jobs within the same fiscal year, you must get Form 16 from both employers. The following are some of the newly notified Part B components:

When filing your return, you will need information from Form 16.

  • Section 10 allowances are exempt.
  • Deductions under Section 16 are broken down.
  • Taxable salary
  • The employee reported income (or allowable loss) from housing property, which was provided for TDS.
  • TDS is applied on income under the heading Other Sources.
  • Deductions under Section 80C .
  • Section 80C Deductions as a Whole (Gross & Deductible Amount).
  • Taxes must be paid or a refund to be received.

What are the Form 16 eligibility requirements?

  • Every salaried employee whose income falls under the taxable bracket is eligible for Form 16, according to regulations established by the Indian Government's Finance Ministry.
  • If an employee's earnings do not fall within the set tax brackets established, tax Deducted at Source is not required (TDS). As a result, the firm is not obligated to provide Form 16 to the employee in these situations.
  • However, many firms now provide this certificate to employees as a good work practice because it contains a consolidated image of the individual's earnings and has other purposes.

Points to consider when completing Form 16

  • When an employee receives a Form 16 from their employer, they must double-check that all information is correct.
  • It is essential to double-check Form 16, such as the amount of income, TDS deducted, etc.
  • If any of the facts are incorrect, the employee should contact the company's HR/Payroll/Finance department right once to get it corrected.
  • The employer would then remedy the situation by filing a new TDS return to credit the TDS amount to the correct PAN. The employer will send updated Form 16 to his or her employee once the corrected TDS return has been processed.


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Your company can provide you with a Form 16. Your employer will furnish you with Form 16 even if you have left your position. Unfortunately, this income tax Form 16 is not available for download.

When TDS is deducted, a TDS certificate in Form 16 is issued. Suppose Your employer may refuse to give you Form 16 if TDS has not been deducted. Take a look at our guide on e-filing without Form 16 for more information.

Everyone responsible for paying a salary must deduct TDS before making a payment. Everyone who deducts TDS from payment is required by the Income Tax Act to give a certificate showing the number of TDS deducted and submitted. A certificate in the Form 16 format is necessary from an employer in particular.