GST Registration Modification

Once GST registration taken by business entity afterward some major and minor changes may arise in GST registration. In such case, GST modification application must be filled at GST portal. If you want to change any fields such as your name, address, email address, or contact information after receiving your GST Registration Certificate, you must submit a GST Modification Request.

Core Fields and Non-Core Fields are the two elements of the GST Modification. While applying for Core Field modifications, you must attach supporting papers. Non-Core Fields can be changed without having to submit proofs.

Core fields (Approval Required)

Core fields (Approval Required)

Name of the Business (Legal Name) if there is no change in PAN

Addition / Deletion of Stakeholders

Principal Place of Business (other than a change in State)

Additional Place of Business (other than a change in State)

Non-Core fields (No Approval Required)

All the other fields of registration application except the following:

• legal name of the business,

• Addition/ deletion of stakeholder details

• Principal place of business

• Additional place of business

Following Cases where GST modification is not possible

To form an LLP in India, follow these steps:

1. Change in PAN.

2. Change in Constitution of Business resulting in change of PAN.

3. Change in Place of Business from one State to other.

In above cases new GST registration must be proceed by business entity.

Process Of GST Modification

Step 1.

Provide necessary information to TaxDraw team for modification in GST Registration.

Step 2.

Select a package and pay online using one of the various payment methods offered by TaxDraw.

Step 3.

After you place an order, one of our devoted professionals will be assigned to your application.

Step 4.

Once you've submitted all of your information, your modification application will be proceed by our professionals.

Step 5.

Our expert will follow up with you to complete the GST application modification online.

Step 6.

After the approval of GST officer ,your application will be updated.


Rs.499 All inclusive price


  • Non Core Field
  • Changes Other Than Core Filed Like
  • A)Mobile No.
  • B)E-Mail Id
  • C)Other Minor Changes
  • Expert Support
Rs.999 All inclusive price


  • Core Field
  • Changes In Name Of The Business
  • Addition / Deletion Of Stakeholders
  • Principal Place Of Business (Within State)
  • Additional Place Of Business  (Within State)
  • Expert Support
Rs.1499 All inclusive price


  • Other
  • Other Changes Which Required Approval From GST Department
  • Expert Support


No, the PAN number associated with a particular GST registration cannot be changed. In this circumstance, there is a mistake in the PAN number, or the PAN has changed due to a change in the business's constitution (like proprietor to partnership). After then, the applicant will have no choice but to file for new registration.

If you have a GST registration in one state and want to register in another, you must file a new GST registration in the new state.

Yes, provided your existing GST certificate allows you to add a second business address.

You must file the Amendment Application within 15 days from the date of change