One Person Company

The concept of a one person was introduced by the Companies Act of 2013. It has grown popular as a result of its features. Only one person is required to start a One Person Company.

The Registrar of Companies is an office within the Ministry of Corporate Affairs responsible for company administration. You must adhere to the ROC filings. If you run a One Person Company (OPC), you must file ROC documents such as annual returns, financial statements, and so on.


Increasing the credibility of the company

Compliance with the law is the essential prerequisite for any company. Regular compliance is crucial for determining an organization's trustworthiness in government bids, loan approval, and other comparable situations. On the Master Data page of the MCA portal, the date of the company's annual return filing is provided.

Attract Potential Investors

Investors want full financial documents and dates before finishing a proposal when seeking money for a company. Investors can contact the company directly or use the MCA site to review the financial information. Investors also prefer organizations that have a good track record of compliance.

Keep your Active Status to avoid penalties.

Failure to file the return regularly puts the corporation in default, resulting in hefty fines. It is also possible that the company will be deemed defunct or removed from the ROC. The directors in question have also been disqualified and prevented from being appointed in the future.

The Process of E Filing

  • Go to the MCA website
  • Download the E form (the form as mentioned above number)
  • Fill out the form
  • Click the upload E form button
  • Finally, upload your E form.
  • The system will display a cost to be paid after you upload an E form
  • Now you can pay your fee online

Every OPC is required to file income tax filings, financial statements, and annual statements. All of the filings mentioned above are required by law. You must comply with the relevant authority every year. These compliances can be completed online, and your application can be submitted through their official websites. As a result, if you run an OPC, you must comply with these filings. If you fail to file these documents, you may face legal issues and be required to pay a fee.

Documents required

Documents required for Form MGT 7:
  • Company Registration Certificate copy
  • Company PAN Card copy
  • List of main business activities
  • Details of shares and shareholding
  • List of debentures and loans
  • Details of other securities held by the company
Documents Required for Form AOC 4:
  • Company financial statement
  • Company Audit Report
  • Company Director’s Report
  • Notice of AGM
Document Required for Form ADT-1:
  • Copy of Company’s Board resolution related to auditor appointment
  • Written approval letter from the Auditor for his appointment
  • A certificate from the Auditor u/s 141 for its qualification and for its eligibility
  • Copy of the intimation given by the company to the auditor
Documents Required for Form DIR-3
  • Details of Citizenship like gender, date of birth, etc
  • Copy of PAN Card and Aadhar Card of Director
  • Copy of Voters ID card of Director
  • Copy of Passport if Director having DIN of foreign nation country
  • Copy of Driving License of Director
  • Personal Mobile and Personal Email Address
  • Address proof of business
Documents Required for Form 20 A
  • Initial Bank Statement of company that show transaction entry of share capital
  • DSC of Director

Some other Major Compliances for OPC

GST Filing

One-person companies with GST registration will be needed to file monthly, quarterly, and annual GST returns under the planned GST regime.

ESI Return

All one-person companies with ESI registration must file an ESI return. ESI registration is essential once a one-person company utilizes more than ten people

Filing of TDS

One-person companies with a TAN and must deduct tax at source under TDS rules must file quarterly TDS returns.

Income Tax Return Filling

ITR 6 Form applicable for OPC and this form must be submitted within given time frame.

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Annual filing compliances by OPC

Form AOC 4

Form AOC 4 filed within 180 days from the end of financial year of company.

Form MGT 7

Form MGT 7 contain updated details related to directors and shareholders and this from must submit within 60 days from the date of AGM.

Form ADT-1

Form ADT-1 should be filed within 15 days to the ROC in which the auditor is appointed.

Form DIR-3

Director who has been allotted DIN and to whom DIN status is approved must file Form DIR -3 KYC before closing of financial year.

Form 20A (Business Commencement Certificate)

After getting incorporation certificate of the company director must file Form 20 A within 180 days of incorporation of company.


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