Public Limited Company

A public limited company formed under the Companies Act of 2013 with at least three directors and seven members. A public limited company has the right to sell stock to the general public. Because public funds are involved, annual compliances become the primary public accountability for the company's operations. According to the ROC's deadlines, all Public Limited Companies must file yearly compliances on schedule. The company faces penalties if it fails to file compliance on time.

Annual compliance for a public limited company is as follows:

  • Annual Return in Form MGT-7 with the most up-to-date information about the public limited company's directors and shareholders.
  • Financial Statements in Form AOC-4.
  • • Income Tax Returns.
  • Secretarial Audit Report.
  • Observance of all SEBI-related rules and regulations on an annual basis.
  • Approval of Financial Statements and the Director's Report
  • MGT-15, a special report on the company's Annual General Meeting.

Benefits of Filing an Annual Report for a Public Limited Company

Compliance with company law is a legal requirement for all company, and it promotes openness. Consistent compliance improves the company's trust.

  • Annual compliance is vital for maintaining active status.
  • Annual compliance ensures clients that the company evaluates its operations regularly. That is why people are more likely to trust the company's behaviour.
  • Annual compliance provides you a leg up on the competition. It can promote a business and reassure investors or customers about its operations.
  • Companies' annual compliance guarantees that the data gathered for annual compliance is accurate.
  • When smaller companies fail to comply with annual compliances, they can face severe penalties. As a result, annual compliance ensures that significant penalties are avoided.

Documents required for the annual filing of a public limited company

  • Financial statements of company.
  • Report of the Board of Directors.
  • Members' P&L Account Information.
  • Directors' information, as well as a secretarial certificate (if applicable) and any other documents required.


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Two of the company's directors must sign the Annual Return.

Before the deadline, which is the 30th of September every year.

Non-filing will result in additional fees and penalties.

Compulsory audit required under Companies Act, It is required regardless of the company's capital or turnover.