Registered office Change

How can a registered office's address be changed?

A company's registered office is where all of the company's business communications take place. A business can have a corporate office, branch, factory, or administrative office in addition to its registered office. However, while a corporation's registered office in India must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the company can open additional branches and offices without notifying the ROC.

The company's domicile will be determined by the registered office in India (state of incorporation). The state or location where the company's registered office is located will decide the ROC. A change of address in a company's registered office must be reported to the ROC within 15 days.

What is the purpose of the registered office address?

It is necessary to declare the company's registered office and submit the required paperwork. The following is a list of documents that must be given when a company announces a registered office during its incorporation:

• Bills for electricity, water, and property taxes.

• If the property is rented, a letter of authorization from the landlord is required.

• The lease arrangement between the landlord and the corporation is referred to as rent.

The name and address on the power bill/water bill/property tax receipts must completely match the landlord's NOC certificate and the rental agreement. It is not necessary for the registered office to be a commercial or industrial building. Furthermore, the registered office cannot be unoccupied land or a construction site. A residential property can also serve as a company's registered office.

The Companies Act of 2013 also gives a company the option of declaring a temporary address. Within 15 days of creating a corporation, the registered office shall be indicated by filing INC22.

Changes in a registered office might take a variety of forms.

After some time, a company may wish to relocate its headquarters. A company's registered office must be changed with advance notice. The MCA has specified processes for transforming a company's address, which the company must follow.

Types of modifications to the registered office's address

Within the same city.

Within the same state and with the same ROC.

In the same state, to other ROCs.

Transferring from one state to another state.

1. Within the same city, there occurs a change in the registered office.

Changing the registered office in the same city is a short method.

• To begin, the corporation must call a board meeting and pass a resolution.

• The MCA requires the corporation to file a form INC22. It must be filed within 30 days of the board resolution being passed.

• The utility bill for evidence of business address, the owner's NOC, and the rental agreement if the property is rented must all be attached.

2. Changing of registered office address with a new ROC but within that state

If a company wants to move its registered office from one ROC to another, it must fill out Form INC-23 and submit it to the Regional Director for permission. The ROC must validate the change of address within 30 days of filing. Within 60 days of the Regional Director's confirmation, the identical proof must be filed with the ROC.

3. Address change in the same state but with a different ROC

Every LLP must keep and maintain accounting records that are sufficient to show and explain the LLP's transactions and indicate the LLP's financial situation with reasonable accuracy. The books of account must be preserved and maintained for a period of eight years at the LLP's registered office.

4. Change of residence in a different state

• The method for moving a registered office from one state to another differs from those of other states. The company's (MOA) changes as the registered office address changes.

• A board meeting must be held, and a resolution to convene an extraordinary general meeting must be passed.

• The EGM will pass a special resolution regarding the change in the registered office address and the modification of the MOA. The MCA must receive the solution in MGT14 within 30 days.

• If there are any creditors or debenture holders, the company should also notify them and any other regulatory agencies that apply to them.

• To change the registration office, apply to the Regional Director, together with the required documents.

• If an objection is received, a hearing with the central government will be held, and required instructions will be issued. If there are no objections, the order will be passed without a hearing.

Documents Required

From one state to another State

• Copy of Incorporation Certificate of company

• Copy of MOA & AOA

• Latest financial statements of the Company

• List of Company Directors and Shareholders

• List of Creditors which certified by company auditor

• Copy of Rent Agreement related new address of company

• Latest Copy of Electricity Bill/Gas receipt/Telephone Bill (not older than two months)

• Copy of public notice published related to shifting

Registered office address to another location in the same city

• Address proof of the company’s registered office

• If Property Owned by Directors /Shareholder

• Sale Deed of Property

• NOC from the Owner

• If Rented Property

• Rent Agreement

• NOC from the Owner

Anyone Document Require from Below:

• Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill


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The registered office of a company include as a point where all the official communication related to the company is sent.

Yes, a company's registered office can be changed from one location to another within the same state or from one state to another. It's a legal procedure that may be conducted in the comfort of your own home.

The application form is typically processed in 2-4 business days

Yes, registered office address can be residential property. A residential or commercial address can be provided.