TAN Registration

A TAN number is required by any firm or individual that needs to deduct taxes at source (TDS) when making important payments such as rent, salaries, payments to contractors, subcontractors, and so on. This is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric code that will be required for TDS related filing and work. To do so, you'll need to register for a TAN number, which is issued by the NSDL on behalf of the ITD. On the official Indian government page for TAN registration, this TAN number may be simply authenticated and verified.

TAN Applications of Various Types

In general, there are two types of TAN applications, which are described below:

  • Application for the issuance of a new TAN Form for the purpose of correcting
  • Amending TAN data for a previously assigned TAN.
TAN require for following purposes
  • For TDS return filing
  • For TCS return filing.
  • For Issuance of TDS and TCS certificates.
  • For TDS and TCS payment.

Documents Required

Along with the application for TAN, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Proof of the registered office's address
  • A passport-sized photograph that meets the requirements
  • TAN application form PAN card of the business
  • Determine the company's proof.
  • MOAs, AOAs, partnership deeds, and other legal documents

Factors to Register a TAN

TAN - Tax Deduction Account Number

The Income Tax Department issues a 10-character alpha-numeric code to those who are responsible for deducting or collecting amount of taxes. Almost all for-profit and non-profit organisations are required to obtain a TAN.

Payments of TDS

Tax Deducted at Source must be deposited by authorised bank using Challan, quoting the TAN. TDS collected in the previous month must be paid by the 7th of the following month.

TAN is required for proprietorship

Individuals who are paid a salary are not required to deduct tax at source. Individuals who run a sole proprietorship, on the other hand, must obtain a TAN and deduct tax at source as needed.


A TAN is valid for the rest of one's life. TDS filings, on the other hand, must be made quarterly on the 15th of July, October, January, and May. A penalty will be imposed if TDS filings are not submitted by the deadline.

Who can necessary apply for TAN?

All person who require to deduct TDS/TCS must apply for TAN.


Rs.499 All inclusive price


  • TAN Registeration
Rs.2999 All inclusive price


  • TAN Registeration
  • One Year TDS Filing